Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Four Seasons Mosaic Quilt - A Second Anniversary Gift for Ken from Angela

"Four Seasons Mosaic" Lap quilt

The colors of the seasons pop against the charcoal grey background
 Angela is an acquaintance that I met through my good friend Meredith (Addi's quilt) during Meredith's wedding festivities a few years ago. We've been Facebook friends since and she's followed my quilting work through FB and my blog. 

I was excited to hear from her in late March as she was looking to give a unique gift to her husband Ken for their Second Wedding Anniversary. Little did I know that in the Traditional Anniversary Gifts by year, the second anniversary is COTTON! And what's a more perfect cotton gift than a quilt? Angela is one smart cookie :) 

So we collaborated on an idea - Ken and Angela got married at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco and she thought it would be cool to do a Tree quilt similar to the Chuppah Quilt tree I did for Hayley and Brad.  And here we have it, the "Four Seasons Mosaic" Quilt for Ken and Angela. A very fun commission!
The famous Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC Logo -   inspiration
 As part of my design process I am always consulting Steve on ideas. He led me to the above logo for the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City and I loved it's modern aesthetic. I used the way the branches are drawn to design the 4 different trees structure. Thanks Steve!

I connected each Season with a Mod Mosaic block comprised of the Fabrics used in the 2 connecting Season's blocks. Below is Autumn to Winter.

Close up of a Mosaic
 Summer evoked a full green tree with lush cherries through out. Autumn is a mix of red, yellow and orange leaves including some falling of course!
2 Butterflies - Ken and Angela, married for 2 years

 Winter was a bare tree with snowflakes floating by and holiday ornaments adorning the branches.
Spring is a budding green tree with pink cherry blossoms.

View of the Back side and the detailed Quilting
For the back I kept it a simple light Grey (Kona Ash) so the detailed Pebble quilting could be highlighted. 

Tree quilt on a Tree!

Close up of the "Pebble Quilting"
 This was my first time doing Pebble quilting. I love the look and texture, but wow does it take a long time and A LOT of thread!
Dedication square - Ken and Angela married 5/30/10 - at the Four Seasons, San Francisco
San Francisco Fabric from Spoonflower
 I found this awesome San Francisco fabric on Spoonflower ( but just a little too late, after I'd already started the front. But glad I could incorporate it!

I really love how it turned out and thankfully so do Ken and Angela. They received it today and Angela told me it is more than she ever imagined! :) Pretty awesome feedback. They are excited to have a visual memory of their Anniversary/Wedding day and also a really cozy one! Congrats Angela and Ken!


  1. I simply adore this! I may have to do one for my 10th wedding anniverasry in 3 years.. It's divine and you should be so proud!!

    And I hear ya on the pebble quilting. I did it for a mini quilt and was exhausted..can't imagine a large quilt..

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer! I am so happy with how it turned out. I am definitely taking a break from pebbling for a bit.. :)

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