Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quilted Kindle Keepers

 Steve gave me a Kindle Touch recently for my birthday. I love it! So compact and easy to use. We were leaving to go to NYC for a holiday visit last week, and I needed a case to protect my Kindle while it took up residence in my purse. I sewed up the red and grey "Kindle Keeper" by following this tutorial:

Before we left I also whipped up 2 more Kindle Keepers that are slightly larger to gift to Steve's sister and his Dad's wife as they have different Kindle versions. They loved them!

 The backsides

 Not only are they handy for travel, but a great cover/cozy for when it is resting on my bedside table. 

I finished my first book on the Kindle while on our trip- "State of Wonder" by Ann Patchett and highly recommend it. Let me know if you are in need of a Kindle/Ipad/Nook Keeper - they are a fun small project!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Book Club Holiday Gift Exchange - Placemats!

 It's that time of year again, Secret Santas, White Elephant Parties, and my book club's annual Holiday meeting and gift exchange!  I mixed it up this year, and decided to make my gift and went with these placemats. I used Alissa Haight Carlton's pattern -  and changed up the colors. The red, linen and cream are holiday inspired, but still can be used year round.

Close up of the detailed straight-line quiliting

The back-side

We had our dinner and meeting last night at Kate's and do a "White Elephant" style gift picking with stealing up to 2 times. My bag wasn't chosen till the almost end, and I think Coral was happy to receive them. I hope she and her family enjoy them through the holiday season and beyond!