Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hayley and Brad's Chuppah Quilt!

Such a labor of love! I was introduced to Hayley, the bride, by her older sister, Allison - a UCLA Aephi sorority sister. Hayley and Brad wanted to include their close friends and family in their ceremony and the idea of a "Chuppah Quilt" was the perfect way. They chose 36 participants and each friend, family member or couple created a 10" by 10" inch original quilt square, which I then put together into this finished Chuppah Quilt. Their wedding is coming up in 2 weeks from today (8/21) and I can't wait to see the images of it looking down on this wonderful couple as they get married. I will post pictures of it in action once I get them.

The finished quilt actually includes 42 squares - a few extras were added last minute from Hayley's grandparents and nieces and nephew. I added 2 additional squares to round it out.

The backside is a "Tree of Life" with 2 lovebirds, framed by an improvisational Log Cabin design.

Close ups of a few squares - many people used quotes, marriage advice, pictures, and Jewish symbols to express their best wishes to the couple. It was so great getting each and every one in the mail and seeing the creativity and love their friends have for them.

One of the original squares I added.

Close up of the Tree

Lovebirds - Hayley and Brad :)

I used an all over "stipple" free motion quilting technique to bring everything together. The colors and fabrics were inspired by a shopping trip with Hayley and complement her bridesmaids dresses which are in more lavender, grey, and maroon tones. I also think they evoke nature and the Tree of Life theme with grassy greens and vibrant pinks.

The big day - fast approaching!

I delivered the quilt to Hayley this past week, and she truly seemed to love it. It will also be on display during the cocktail hour of their reception for all of their guests to see. This was such a rewarding project and experience. I hope to get the chance to do more Chuppah Quilts in the future! More pictures to come from the actual wedding... Mazel Tov to Hayley and Brad!


  1. That's a gorgeous chuppah! I wanted to do something like that for our chuppah but I didn't have time to pull it together. They are going to love it!

  2. What a wonderful quilt! They are going to love it! I especially love the back :)

  3. This is incredible. I am looking to create one for a good friend, but have no quilting skills what so ever. Id love to email with you to discuss working with you.

  4. Thanks Shira! Feel free to email me at

  5. Do you have a name or link to pattern?

  6. I didn't use a pattern for this. The front is just 10" by 10" squares with I think 2" inch sashing. For the Tree I used a raw edge applique technique and did a random large log cabin for the frame.