Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eden's Big Girl Bed Quilt- Pink and Purple by request!

Polka Dot Front - Sunny day, hence my shadow!
 My very adorable niece, Eden, turned 3 in early May and is moving into her "big girl bed", aka a twin this week. This quilt is a belated birthday gift and a sequel to the very first quilt I made. Eden was my inspiration to start quilting, and I took my first class at Sewing Arts Center and made her this quilt -  while she was still in my sister, Robyn's tummy.

Stripey Back
 Eden confidently requested a "Pink and Purple" quilt and Robyn and I picked out these great fabrics at Sew Modern. Robyn wanted something that wasn't too baby-ish and that she can grow into and use for a long time. We added a splash of grey with the polka dot fabric and the fun butterflies to tone down the girly colors!

Flower Stamp Quilting
I kept the pattern simple and modern with appliqued circles/polka dots on the front and a scrappy border. For the back I did a simple strip quilt with alternating stripes. 

 I decided to play off the floral pattern in a few of the fabrics and used a Stamp-like all over Flower pattern for the quilting. I learned the technique from one of my favorite resources, Elizabeth at Oh Fransson! -

Bugs like Butterflies!

 I of course had to personalize Eden's quilt - and she loves that her name is on it! She pointed out the E's right away!

Taking a rest on a park bench
I can't think of a better inspiration for being creative than my spunky and fun loving niece, Eden. I can't wait to tuck her in some night soon - here is a picture of her looking especially adorable, in her favorite color of course- :)

Eden Malia!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Just One- Jessica's Wedding Lounge-

Just one picture of the pillows I made for Jessica's April Wedding- used in her "lounge" area! Great shot!