Sunday, November 27, 2011

"D'Amore" - Wedding Quilt for Damon and Alexis

Alexis and Damon, good friends here in LA, got married on 10/15/11 at an intimate hotel in Palm Springs. It was a great weekend and beautiful wedding full of love, great food, gorgeous desert and mountain settings, and definitely a lot of style! When we received the invitation, I was immediately inspired to create a quilt based on the Moroccan Tile aesthetic. The vibrant yellow, orange, green and purple on a linen backdrop really spoke to the modern quilting I've been doing. With Steve on board as co-creator, the D'Amore wedding quilt was on its way.

The Inspiration
 For the quilt top, I created a "tile floor" design, with long rectangle tiles in a "subway tile" layout, with smaller mosaics surrounding as borders. 

For the quilt back, I did a random spattering of hexagon formations. This was my first attempt at paper piecing hexagons and I loved it. My next work in progress is all Hexies!

 Since the top was so geometric I quilted with dense straight lines through out and some cross-grids as well.  Lots of texture!

 Steve and I collaborated on the fabrics we used. We were able to find some awesome Moroccan inspired prints both online and at Sew Modern. Below is the backside of the invitation.

We gave the D'Amores their wedding quilt last night and they loved it. I hope it provides them  warmth and comfort for YEARS to come! And provides a visual memory of their awesome wedding day - Enjoy!